How To Define A Safe Electric Skateboard? — Chapter III: Tires of E-skateboards

How To Define A Safe Electric Skateboard? — Chapter III: Tires of E-skateboards

Previously we mentioned how to define the safety of electric skateboards, we focused on the safety of the battery compartment and the deck. In this chapter we will talk about tires, which is also very important for safety of ESK8 riders when riding an E-skateboards.

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Whether it is no-load testing or field riding, the vertical and axial vibration of the wheels has become a common problem in this industry, and this is probably another main factor which gets rider's feet, ankles, and knees numb, besides too hard or too soft deck.

OMW has developed a combination of truck, bearing, hub, and tire system that is different from others, which has carefully tuned the dynamic balance to maximally eliminate this vibration and wobble, giving the rider a silky smooth riding experience. That’s why most of riders commented: We often found ourselves accelerating to 28 mph or 45 km h without realizing it. And getting to the 34 mph or 55 km h top speed wasn’t a scary ordeal on the Calvary.  by electricskateboardhq

Some riders may have encountered this situation: just riding out the door, a small rock on the path caused a tire burst; or just after riding 200-300km, the tires have to be replaced because the thread was worn out.

‘OMW’s 7inch pneumatic tires allowing me to travel 250mile on-road, off-road, & wet roads, resulted in NO FLATS. However, my companion using other tires had frequent blowouts along the way, even replacing four tires.’ commented New York-based electric skating enthusiast @esk8_nyc who recently chose OMW's 7-inch pneumatic tires to complete a treacherous journey of 250 miles from NYC to DC under two days. He shared his experience in his Instagram @esk8_nyc.

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Frequent tire replacement takes time and make people frustrated. Some manufacturers explain that this phenomenon is due to the small diameter of the tires and the sidewall has to be thinned out after riding. Some unscrupulous manufacturers even privately say that using low-quality tires can help sell more high-priced tires to customers after sales. OMW skateboards use specially designed pneumatic rubber tires which are manufactured at similar formula with automobile’s tires, which can be comparable to road racing tires. These high-quality pneumatic rubber tires are designed to provide excellent grip in any condition and last over 3,000 miles on regular road conditions.

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