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How To Define A Safe Electric Skateboard?

At OMWEV, safety and reliability are always our top priorities when designing and manufacturing electric skateboards. Here, we hope you could learn more about our efforts on the unique design of the battery compartment.

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There is no doubt that the battery compartment is the most important, dangerous and fragile part of an electric vehicle. Fires and explosions are nothing new during charging and use. In addition to the use of inferior and unknown battery cells or poor battery assembly processes, the main causes of fires and explosions are the short circuit inside and outside the battery cells caused by impact and vibration which leads to rapid release of energy, and the internal temperature is too high due to poor heat dissipation. This is the same case for electric skateboards.

On one hand, the installation space and ground clearance are small. On the other hand, the deck flex must be taken into account—It is a contradiction which is difficult to reconcile in the electric skateboard industry that the battery compartment stability is required due to safety issues and the deck flexibility needs to be maintained to eliminate momentum shocks.


For this purpose, OMW has developed a unique suspended, fully enclosed, aluminum alloy armored electric skateboard battery compartment system with two separate compartments. It achieves on-demand retention of deck neck flex and deck body flex (coupled with the flex of the deck surface provided by padded grip tape), providing the rider with a comfortable riding experience. 


At the same time, the armored battery compartment is with high rigidity: The battery enclosure is strong enough to resist strong external impacts, and it is solid enough to shield against explosions of less than moderate intensity. The rigid compartment body and the enclosed battery compartment keep the stability of the connection between the battery cells and the protective control conductive circuit board away from being affected by high-frequency and high-amplitude vibrations. The metal compartment body and the flame-retardant end caps make sure that the internal battery cells could be stopped burning momentarily due to the instant consumption of oxygen once catching fire. The aluminum alloy reinforced battery compartment body also allows the heat in the compartment to quickly dissipate, because its thermal conductivity that is hundreds of times higher than that of plastic materials.


In short, OMWEV is committed to make the safest electric skateboard, and OMW Cavalry skateboard gives you unparalleled protection against fire and explosion hazards in battery compartments, from internal generation to external provision, from active safety to passive safety, from hazard prevention to danger reduction.


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