The Beginning: Dreams and Innovations

In a seaside city full of dreams and innovations, there is such a group of young creators who love freedom, speed and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Electric skateboards are their social carriers, and they often organize cycling activities in groups. However, in their experience and sharing, they found that the safety issues of the existing electric carriers are beginning to emerge one after another, and are also getting more and more attention. People are concerned about whether small electric carriers can really achieve a perfect balance between convenience and environmental protection, safety and comfort, so this group of creators began to explore how to maximize the safety and comfort of electric carriers under the premise of ensuring convenience and environmental protection, which is the original intention of OMW Boards. Since then, OMW Boards has started its exploration of producing safe, reliable, convenient, and environmentally friendly electric carriers beginning with electric skateboards.

Brand Vision: Redefining Urban Travel

OMW is not just an electric skateboard brand, it represents a new concept of urban travel. The core vision of the brand is to provide safe and environmentally friendly travel solutions through technological innovation and design aesthetics, so that everyone can easily and happily navigate through the city, no longer troubled by traffic jams and safety. 

Innovative Technology: Pursuing Extreme Performance

OMW team always believes that technology is the bridge to realize the dream. Therefore, they constantly invest in R&D and are committed to bringing the most advanced electric skateboard technology to users. From efficient motor system to high-performance battery management, to user-friendly control interface; from stable range to smooth acceleration, to board flexibility, every detail is carefully designed and rigorously tested to ensure the reliability, safety and comfort of the product.

Design Aesthetics: Perfect Combination of Fashion and Utility

In terms of design, OMW Electric Boards not only pursues functional excellence, but also focuses on visual aesthetics. The team invited professional industrial designers to work together to give the electric boards a streamlined appearance and modern color scheme. In order to meet the aesthetic requirements of different users, the team also invites users to participate in the design of the board's grip tapes through social platforms, truly starting from the user experience and realizing the perfect interaction with users.

Environmental Protection Philosophy: Harmony with Nature

Environmental protection is one of the core values of the OMW brand. In the manufacturing process of its products, the brand tries to use recyclable materials and environmentally friendly production processes to minimize the impact on the environment. At the same time, electric skateboards, as a low-carbon travel tool, help reduce exhaust emissions in the city and advocate a green lifestyle.

Community Interaction: Creating a Better Future Together

OMW Boards is not just a product, but also a community. The brand actively organizes and participates in a variety of user interaction activities, such as skateboarding competitions, urban cycling experiences and environmental public welfare activities, aiming to create a vibrant and creative user community. Through these activities, the brand not only establishes a deep emotional connection with users, but also jointly promotes a sustainable urban travel culture.

Looking to the Future: Continuous Innovation, Moving Forward

Looking to the future, OMW Boards will continue to uphold the concept of innovation and environmental protection, and launch more and better products to meet the changing needs of users. Whether it is the new generation of e-boards or other intelligent mobility tools, OMW Boards will focus on user experience to create a more convenient, green and safe way to travel in the city.

OMW - “On My Way” is our expectation for the brand, which means we will always be on the way to improving ourselves, optimizing products and satisfying customers' needs.

“On My Way” makes every trip a kind of enjoyment, an attitude, and a kind of expectation for the future. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have OMW electric skateboards, you can easily start your wonderful journey. In the future, OMW Boards will continue to work with users to explore more possibilities and create a better traveling experience together.

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