How To Define A Safe Electric Skateboard? — Chapter II: Deck of E-skateboards

How To Define A Safe Electric Skateboard? — Chapter II: Deck of E-skateboards

Previously we mentioned how to define the safety of electric skateboards, we focused on the safety of the battery compartment. In this chapter we will talk about the deck of E-skateboards, which is also very important for safety of ESK8 riders when riding  an E-skateboards.

The most intuitive and intimate contact point of electric skateboards for riders is the deck. Many novices may not know that due to the different uses of skateboards (offroad, daily commuting, weekend fun, high-speed skating or low-speed strolling), different riders actually need different decks according to rider’s weight and riding preferences.

If the deck is too hard and the flexibility is seriously insufficient, it cannot eliminate the impulse generated during the movement process, then the rider's feet, ankles, knees and even waist and hips will have to bear the impact of the force generated by the impulse. Sometimes the rider's feet will be numb after just ten minutes of riding. On the contrary, if the deck is too soft, it will cause the skateboard to sway severely at high speed, making the rider unable to control his feet and feel dizzy in the head. The extreme state is that the skateboard resonates with the human body and makes the rider completely out of control. Some wooden decks suddenly break during riding because they cannot consider the relationship between flexibility and strength.

In response to the above troubles of riders, OMW Boards have developed a high-tech composite deck using carbon fiber, glass fiber and high-strength resin. First of all, this type of deck is graded according to the rider's weight and riding habits. Riders can choose a deck with appropriate hardness and flexibility according to their weight.



Secondly, this type of deck cooperates with the specially designed wheels, truck and bushing settings to provide riders with an excellent riding experience. Whether it is the slight flexibility of the deck or the shock absorption and damping generated by the vertical flexibility of the board neck, the riding comfort is improved.

Finally, the durability of this deck completely eliminates the possibility of breakage with regualr use, and it enjoys a lifetime warranty.

Join OMW Community now and start a new chapter in your electric skateboarding journey! Always "On My Way"!

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