Hussar Carbon Fiberglass Composite Deck
Hussar Carbon Fiberglass Composite Deck

Hussar Carbon Fiberglass Composite Deck

Sale price$229.00 USD
MODEL:4B (176lbs-330lbs)

Explore the Adventure with OMW Carbon Fiberglass Composite Deck.
Crafted from carbon fiber and fiberglass, OMW deck offers unmatched durability and flexibility.

Key Features:
Unbeatable Durability: OMW deck handles any terrain, ensuring a long-lasting investment.
Ultimate Flexibility: Classified according to the rider's weight, riding style, and preferences, allowing riders to choose the hardness and flex that suits them.

Deck Model Suggestion
4B 80-150KG 176-330lbs
2B 60-90KG 132-198lbs
7C 70KG 154lbs

*For reference only, as rider's cycling habits vary, so do the

At OMW, we understand that many customers are passionate DIY players in the esk8 community. That's why OMW Carbon Fiberglass Composite Deck is designed to meet your customization needs.

DIY-Friendly: Whether you're an experienced builder or just starting, OMW deck offers a DIY-friendly platform for a creative idea. Easily modify, drill, and customize your deck to match your unique vision.

Undrilled Version Available: If you prefer an undrilled version for a completely blank canvas, please leave us a message during purchase, and we'll make sure to provide you with the perfect starting point for your next esk8 project.

Tailored to Your Needs – Customization Services Available!

If our existing three models don't quite meet your requirements, no need to worry – we've got you covered with our batch customization services.

Your Vision, Our Expertise: Share your specific needs and vision with us, and our expert team will collaborate closely with you to craft a personalized deck that perfectly aligns with your style and preferences.

Bulk Customization: Whether you're seeking a one-of-a-kind deck or require a batch of personalized decks for your group, we offer bulk customization options to fulfill your demands.

Simply let us know your preferences, and together, we can turn your electric skateboard dreams into reality. Reach out to OMW for your custom electric skateboard deck today!
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