Cavalry electric skateboard’s deck is not just a part of the skateboard, it’s your connection to the road. With a lifetime warranty, we offer three deck options with varying flex to meet the firmness and flexibility preferences of riders of different weights.

Hate wheel wobble? OMW's unique system with advanced trucks, bearings, wheels and tires offers a silky-smooth ride, reducing vibration and wobble, and enhancing every move.

Tire troubles are a thing of the past with OMW. Our durable tires, perfect for high-speed or off-road, last over 5000 kilometers, saving you from frequent replacements.

Electrical System:
The heart of electric skateboards – the electrical system. Our electric skateboards are field-tested and fitted with the best controller-battery-motor combinations. This means you get amazing torque and acceleration without any unnecessary risks.

Battery Brilliance:
OMW electric skateboards boast a premium battery system with top-notch safety features. We use only the best, like genuine cells, and our CAVALRY all-terrain electric skateboard series has an armored, waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant battery compartment. It's your battery's superhero shield! Our Hussar Board is equipped with Specially designed battery packs that not only meet the flexibility of the deck movement, without worrying about disconnection but also provide the necessary rigidity to protect the battery cells, without worrying about internal movement; like chain whip, a combination of rigidity and flexibility.

Safety First:
At OMW, safety and reliability are our top priorities. We're dedicated to designing and producing skateboards that are safe from the ground up, ensuring peace of mind for every rider.

Hassle-Free Returns:
Not thrilled with your new electric skateboard? At OMW, returns are simple. If you've ridden less than ten miles in seven days, just send it back in the original packaging. We value your feedback and are committed to continuous improvement. Check out our easy return policy here.

OMW stands out by offering electric skateboards that perfectly balance cost-effectiveness, convenience, reliability, and practicality for your needs. We're not just selling electric skateboards; we're providing an unmatched, safe, and enjoyable riding experience. Join us for an adventure on the streets!🛹

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