Welcome to OMW - your one-stop destination for top-notch four-wheel electric skateboards that cater to all your riding needs. As an electric skateboard company, we are planning to make a wide range of products in the future, including electric longboards, electric shortboards, and all-terrain electric skateboard. With a team of experienced engineers and supply chain experts, our company is dedicated to offering reliable, practical and professional electric skateboards for sale.

At OMW, we prioritize safe riding, which is why we emphasize the prohibition of purchases for those under 18 and advise against purchases for individuals aged 18-21. Moreover, we recommend that beginners thoroughly research before riding. Here're why OMW is the right choice for you:

  • Durable and Customizable Skateboard Decks: When it comes to the deck of an electric skateboard, think of it as your direct connection to the road. The deck's flexibility plays a crucial role in the riding experience, and riders of varying weights and styles have different preferences when it comes to flexibility. An overly stiff deck can lead to discomfort, numbness in the body and feet, and even momentary loss of sensation in the legs. On the flip side, an excessively flexible deck can make it challenging to control the skateboard and might induce dizziness. There are also instances when decks unexpectedly break due to imbalances in elasticity and strength. At OMWEV, we make use of cutting-edge composite materials like carbon fiber, fiberglass, basalt fiber, and high-strength resin to create multi-layered decks tailored to cater to the diverse needs of riders. Our decks are categorized based on rider weight, riding style, and personal preferences, allowing riders to select the deck stiffness and flexibility that best suits their preferences. What's more, our decks boast exceptional durability, erasing any concerns about breakage during regular use, and we back them with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that they remain in top-notch condition for years to come.


  • Solving Wheel Wobble and Skateboard Vibration: When riding, wheel wobble in various directions is a common issue for Esk8rs. This issue can lead to considerable discomfort and aching in different parts of the rider's body, including the feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and overall well-being. In many cases, it's even more severe than the discomfort caused by boards that are too stiff or too soft. At OMWEV, we've engineered a unique system of trucks, bearings, wheels, and tires, meticulously designed to provide a consistently smooth and stable riding experience. By finely tuning the dynamic balance, we've effectively reduced wheel wobble and eliminated skateboard vibrations, ensuring an exceptionally smooth ride. This substantial enhancement in riding comfort alleviates discomfort, enabling you to enjoy an unobstructed and ultra-smooth ride, tailored for English-speaking riders.


  • Puncture-Resistant and Durable Skateboard Tires: Tires can be a significant challenge in the world of electric skateboarding. It's a situation that nearly every rider has experienced - either encountering a tire blowout shortly after starting a ride due to sharp stones or needing a replacement after covering just 200-300 kilometers due to rapid wear and tear. Frequent tire replacements can be incredibly frustrating, and some manufacturers blame this on the smaller tire diameter and thinner tire walls. However, the reality is that these low-quality tires not only increase repair and replacement costs for riders but also creating substantial safety risks due to flaws in the tread material and tire design. What's even worse, a few unscrupulous manufacturers exploit this situation by selling subpar tires at inflated prices, solely driven by unethical profit motives. However, at OMWEV, we've taken a different approach by developing top-quality tires, both outer tire and inner tube, designed exclusively for CAVALRY electric skateboards. Whether you choose the 6-inch high-speed performance tires or the 7-inch all-terrain variety, these tires are puncture-resistant and exceptionally durable, capable of lasting over 5,000 kilometers on regular roads.


  • Transparent and Safe Power Systems: Power and electrical systems are essential components of electric skateboards. The electric skateboard industry is now placing a stronger emphasis on testing power configurations to enhance rider safety. For newcomers to electric skateboarding, determining the right power setup can be a challenge, as some manufacturers tend to exaggerate power specifications or misrepresent motor output. However, at OMWEV, we avoid such practices and prioritize transparency. We conduct thorough field tests and use the appropriate controller-battery-motor configuration to provide abundant and fast torque output for electric skateboards. This significantly improves low-speed acceleration without introducing additional risk to the rider's experience.


  • High-Quality Batteries: Undoubtedly, the battery cells, battery pack and battery enclosure are the most critical, valuable, and potentially risky components of an electric skateboard. Poor-quality batteries often lead to fires and explosions during charging and operation. Many riders who have inspected the battery compartment have discovered badly constructed battery packs, and in some instances, even counterfeit battery cells are utilized. At OMWEV, we utilize high-quality battery cells, including authentic Samsung cells, and we manufacture them using a precise battery pack process that guarantees both strength and flexibility. Combined with an aluminum alloy-reinforced battery compartment, this ensures a waterproof, dust-resistant, anti-static, impact-resistant, and highly secure battery system.


  • Safety and Reliability: At OMWEV, safety and reliability are always our top priorities when it comes to designing and manufacturing electric skateboards. We recognize the inherent risks that come with the sport of motorized skateboarding and are fully committed to ensuring that our products do not add any extra dangers. While some accidents involving electric skateboards are sometimes attributed to errors made by riders according to other manufacturers, we believe that often, the real causes lie in design and production flaws. Riders might not always have a complete grasp of the underlying reasons for accidents, or they could be influenced by misleading information from suppliers and online sources, leading to inaccurate assessments. However, here at OMWEV, our design philosophy places safety, reliability, and trustworthiness at the forefront of every component and configuration. We are steadfast in our dedication to designing and manufacturing electric skateboards that are both safe and dependable. Our products strictly adhere to rigorous safety principles, and we maintain a vigilant approach by consistently seeking user feedback, from the design and sourcing stages all the way to manufacturing and factory testing, in order to improve the safety and reliability of our products.


  • Hassle-Free Returns for Your Peace of Mind: When purchasing an electric skateboard, consumers are often bombarded with extravagant claims of exceptional performance in product promotions. However, when it comes to returning products, customers can often encounter discreet but firm no-return policies. This can be a frustrating experience for buyers. Some retailers, even if they outwardly promise to accept returns, may in reality impose exceptionally strict and convoluted return conditions, making the return process close to impossible. At OMWEV, we are committed to overhauling the return policy for online electric skateboard purchases, aiming for a more straightforward and transparent process, devoid of cumbersome limitations. We assure you that if you're dissatisfied with your OMWEV electric skateboard purchase and have ridden it for less than ten miles within seven days of receiving it, you can return the product in its original packaging. Moreover, we highly value your feedback and suggestions, as they contribute to our ongoing enhancements. For a comprehensive outline of our return policy, please visit this link.

OMW is all about offering products that are reliable, practical and professional, bridging the gap between DIY and mass-produced products. We're here to make your electric skateboarding journey smoother and safer.

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