OMW Bearings and Spacers Set

OMW Bearings and Spacers Set

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OMW Bearings and Spacers Set include bearings 6001RS*10, 608RS*2, and spacer*8.

6001RS*8 and Spacer*8 for all wheels of Cavalry or Hussar;

6001RS*2 and 608RS*2 for all pulleys of Cavalry or Hussar.

If you need to purchase 6001RS bearings, 608RS bearings, and spacers separately, please get in touch with OMW Customer Support Team.

Specification for bearings:

Bearings Type 6001RS 608RS
Material Steel Steel
Inner diameter 12mm 8mm
Outer Diameter 28mm 22mm
Bore Size 8mm 7mm
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Type:608 RS * 2 + 6001 RS * 10 + Spacer * 8
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